Our Story

At Hello Honey, we are a team of passionate beekeepers who share a deep love for bees and a strong belief in the powerful healing properties of Mānuka honey. Our story began with two young beekeepers who embarked on a journey across New Zealand in search of remote and untouched areas of the Mānuka forest to produce the highest quality healing honey for the community.

Driven by our dedication to authenticity and quality, we broke away from the traditional honey blending methods and focused on using a single origin or apiary site for every batch of our unique honey. We want our customers to be able to trace our honey back to the exact location where the bees foraged for the potent Mānuka nectar.

To achieve this, we created a QR code system that allows customers to scan the code on the back of the jar and see footage of the exact location where their honey was harvested. This innovation allows us to share with our customers what true product traceability should be.

We are proud to offer Mānuka honey from a single origin which is unblended and preserves the natural goodness of our unique environment. Our aim is to share the healing benefits of our high quality active honey with you and your family, and to show you that the best honey comes straight from the hive.